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Anodize DB:
Just heard the shocking news of Gianluigi's passing. Very scant information exists; only heard about it via Facebook this morning. I've followed, reviewed, and acquired his recordings from the very beginning of his sterling career, as well as having known him both personally & professionally since the early 90s. We exchanged correspondences for years; he was also frequently covered in both of my magazines i/e & e/i. Terribly, terribly sad, and he will most certainly be greatly missed.

We've known for some time this awful news was coming, but this is the first I've heard that Gigi, as many of us called him, has actually passed.

He was a good friend, a generous person and a brilliant creative mind. Not only did I release his music on Hypnos several times, but we corresponded a lot about label issues, and for a while we sold a great number of Umbra and Penumbra CDs.

I've just woken up to the news and haven't quite processed it yet, even though as I said, Gigi had understood and had told a few of us this was coming. I'll have more to say later.

Anodize DB:

Based on your words, wasn't aware he was battling some kind of illness for some time. Regardless, that information doesn't make his passing any easier to take. Still pretty stunned myself.

Perhaps the main reason Gigi he stopped Umbra & Penumbra, his own CDR labels, was to allow himself enough rest to recover from his first instance of illness. Hand-assembling all those CDRs was very labor intensive. At one point he was releasing new albums every month, not just Oophoi material but work by a great stable of interesting ambient artists, mostly Italian.

He switched over his efforts from Umbra/Penumbra to getting many of his self-released originals released on other labels. He also encouraged me to consider releasing some of his Umbra/Penumbra artists on Hypnos, which we did with Seren Ffordd.

I feel like Gigi was present from the beginnings of Hypnos, with his Deep Listenings magazine, all along, through to the end. We recently released the first album he and Seren Ffordd did together, The Martian Chronicles, and are currently planning the second installment. Gigi had let me know that due to his unwellness, I should feel free to plan everything, the art and so forth, with Andy aka Seren Ffordd.

Very sad news indeed.  He will be missed. 


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