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Sean Washburn - Wave mantra

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Sean -Thanks for sharing the story about those instruments you discovered. And yes, Rhino is Chuck's store. I haven't had a chance to meet him in spite of going to both Rhino and Analogue Haven (as it was called at the time). I have to admit it was a nice surprise to see my album "Shift to the Ghost" displayed at AH and a Numina section at Rhino! I found a bunch of Ian Boddy and Alio Die discs too, IIRC.

I enjoy LA myself. Where are you living now?


Hi Sean,

"Wave Mantra will be remastered this winter by Robert Rich. It will be re-released as a 16 bit CD, a 24 bit DVD and as a 16 or 24 bit download. I have lots of material to work with now and I have come a long way with my acoustic instruments. I have some new tricks to unveil as well.
Almost ready..."

Thank you very much for your reply.
I couldn't expect better news than these  ;D
Do you know when it ought to be released ?

I wish you a very nice day.


I just have found this news (announced yesterday) on FB page of swedish gterma label run by Johan Rehn, who is responsible for many wonderful releases on his label since 2011.

[gterma043] : Sean Washburn - Wave Mantra (forthcoming)

We step into the year of 2015 with a retrospective look on an album that has since become quite scarce in the marketplace. Wave Mantra was originally released by Sean himself on this very day, fifteen years ago. It is best described as a sonic journey through an enigmatic and absorbing soundworld with a very rich organic flavour. A beautiful tale that we are very happy to see back in print again. This reissue has, like so many other gterma titles, also been gently remastered by Anders Peterson.


1. To Thee Homage
2. Hemlock Grotto
3. Cirrus
4. Trans-World India
5. Welcome
6. Inner Gate
7. Low Barometer
8. Between The Heartbeats
9. A Sacred Voice - Cloud Tree

Here is the link to gterma, although "Wave Mantra" CD is not listed there yet. All gterma releases are usually available via Discogs or through direct e-mail contact with Johan.

All the best!!! :)


Great news about the re-issue. I missed "Wave Mantra" the first time around, but it's good to know people are trying to keep past, OOP recordings alive. 'Til then, I'm enjoying this now on Bandcamp.

The Gterma cd edition is out now, my copy showed in the post today.
So all who missed out on the original edition, this is your chance....


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