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Need feedback on my ambient album

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First, don't pay attention to anything Tomas/El Culto says. He is just a bass-drone-man and has no ear for real noise.  ;)

Second, if you crank up the volume on Sapphire, it really is kinda piercing (in a non-enjoyable way) in the high end. I'd definitely take an EQ to it to get it under control. It can still have the wall-of-high-end-noise thing going, but the trick is to make it listenable ... if you know what I mean.

I like the beach scene background, reminds me of south/west England.


Hi Castleview,

I only had time to listen to portions of your pieces tonight, but I have a couple of quick thoughts/suggestions:  On the first piece, I would maybe use a darker setting on the reverb that reduced the hang time on the high end.  On the second and third pieces, I would try to vary the reverb settings between individual sounds/tracks more--it all sounds like a single wash way in the background.  Ideally, I like to hear mixes that have sounds in both the foreground and the background; the nearer sounds create a contrast with the verbed out stuff that my ear likes to hear.  I think your fourth piece has more definition to me, because you dialed the verb down and there is more separation between the sounds from right to left.

Good luck,

Really appreciate the feedback so far. That's exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for.


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