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judd stephens:
Surface 10, covering Eno. 

Hi Dave,

I did an ambient cover version of a minimalist piece by Piero Milesi back in the 90s that was on a "Cuneiform covers Cuneiform" comp called "Unsettled Scores":

I did a cover version of a Black Tape For A Blue Girl song ("Hide In Yourself") for a reissue of "The Rope" about 2 years ago:

Also sitting in the can is a cover version I did of Bowie's Warszawa for a Projekt tribute to Bowie that is still in the works, I think.


Dave Michuda:
Thanks for the suggestions. 

Chris23 - you're right this is a bit of a stumper.  As I was searching I came across a bunch of Eno covers.  Thanks to Scott for pointing me in the direction of the Icebreaker release, very nice.

So anyway I ended up doing an Eno covers mix and will hopefully do a mix of other ambient covers as I collect more material.

Here's a couple links to the Eno covers mix...

Low Light Mixes blog



Great mix, an engaging selection of musically sympathetic material to the man's work.

In contrast, I heard some stuff from a Harold Budd 'tribute' on Oktaf which I felt just didn't get the beauty and the economy of the original material at all.


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