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the vidna return...


Very proud to finally lift up the curtain on this well-kept secret : Tonefloat and I are about to exhume their joint venture tonefloat:ikon imprint. Originally founded for off the map releases in ultra limited quantities, tonefloat:ikon will continue to do exactly that. Dirk serries' homage and return to the pure harmonic sonic dwellings, reminiscent to his vidnaObmana ambient phase will be caught on strictly limited one off vinyl releases in runs of 99 copies only,  beautifully housed in a special embossed custom sleeve, numbered insert card and instant download when (pre)ordering.  Check it out :

This sounds interesting. I've always hoped we would see/hear something more from vidnaObmana, and look forward to seeing how it develops.

Awesome. If only I had a record player.

It's good to support

This is exquisite work, liquid but ecstatically forceful. Seems to me a fine melding of vidnaObmana and Fear Falls Burning.

And even though I don't own a record player, I like the idea of re-asserting the value of music by attaching it to a solid, relatively permanent, and aesthetically pleasing format such as vinyl. I've purchased a couple vinyl records so far, and got the download code: enjoying the art and the vinyl (without actually playing it), but listening to it digitally.

I wonder if there is a new category of music buyer out there...


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