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First hint of changes coming to Hypnos

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As part of our ongoing sale, attempting to reduce overstock and
streamline our inventory in advance of switching to a new Hypnos
Online Store, we're going to be moving new items every day to our
CLOSEOUTS category:


Keep checking that page for new items, as well as price
reductions of items already in that category.

We'll keep putting items into that category, and keep knocking the
prices lower and lower, until we get rid of everything. When an item
disappears, that means it's out of stock, never to return (or at least
not any time soon). If you see something there you want, you'll
probably want to snap it up. At the moment we have items as low as
$1.99 in there, and we're adding new stuff all the time.

Generally we won't make an announcement every time we add things here,
so keep checking back.

Also, those of you keeping track only via the Hypnos Forum may consider
following us on Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/111355895595604
and/or Twitter https://twitter.com/hypnosrec
or at least bookmarking our blog http://hypnos.com/wordpress/
to make sure you don't miss any special deal updates.

drone on:
I'm waiting for the insane deals on the good stuff.   ;D

Fair enough - just remember, we're trying to get rid of a lot of items (and have already deleted twenty or so things that are now sold out) so in some cases, people who wait may miss out.

Our goals is to offer deals so good that people will buy, and buy again, and again!

judd stephens:
Mike, congratulations on the changes- it sounds like a great way to evolve and keep Hypnos hip to the future ;)

I scanned to find this answer, forgive me if it's been covered:  How much do you plan on pricing the typical download, particularly Hypnos and Hypnos Secret Sounds downloads?

Hi Judd

I don't have a definite answer to this yet, and not all downloads will be the same price, but I expect most of the Hypnos (and Hypnos sublabel) downloads will be in the $6-8 range.


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