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Should've called it "World War D"


drone on:
D for DUMB.  I wasted several hours and $10.75 on Brad Pitts zombie movie.  Awful film, not scary or even suspenseful.  People in the theatre were laughing at the zombies and the stupid dialogue.  Save your money...

judd stephens:
maybe World War ZZZZZ for snooze?

A comic from The Oatmeal that you'll appreciate:

Avoid this movie like the plague. Just wasted my dollars on VOD for this dud of a movie. Should have known with the PG rating or whatever it was, that it would not satisfy. You just cannot cut away from gore like that and have a satisfying zombie movie. Romero's movies are up on youtube, I would suggest a re-watch of Day of the Dead instead of this watered down excuse.


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