Author Topic: My review of "Homo Multidimensional" CD by Siyanie  (Read 2983 times)


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My review of "Homo Multidimensional" CD by Siyanie
« on: June 29, 2013, 02:20:53 PM »

Siyanie "Homo Multidimensional" CD

Siyanie is a newcomer ambient project hailing from Russia, fronted by Sergey Ilchuk (from Yaroslavl) and Dmitry Shilov (from Moscow). But both protagonists are experienced soundscapers from ambient/experimental scene, who were recording as Vresnit, Voe_Ero, Pugna... (all by Sergey Ilchuk) and Neznamo (project of Dmitry Shilov). "Homo Multidimensional" album was released during January 2013 on Moonsun Productions label, a small label run by Sergey and Dmitry, as a third release by Siyanie. The other two are "Shining Of Unity" album and collaboration with Neznamo entitled "Sonans". "Homo Multidimensional" strikes immediately with its visual presentation, the CD comes in 6-panel sleeve with insert card with extensive instructions for "Homo Multidimensional" written in Russian and English. This is a limited edition of 300 copies, but there is also a special edition of 13 copies, which features additional 15 A5 art prints, all designed by Sergey/Siyanie Art. The whole artwork is stunningly gorgeous, a pure visual bliss for your eyes!!!

"Homo Multidimensional", focusing on multidimensional nature of human being, starts with "Evolution Tracery", where distant aerials are leaded by Russian spoken male sample, soon deeply hypnotic-infused ambience steal the journey. Masterfully flavored by celestial choir-like drones, intensely psychoactive spirals, remote expressive flute magics and various fragile tinkles. All distinctively layered and shaped in one utterly delightful and powerfully immersing composition that precisely interacts with the visuals. Wow, this is absolutely sensational and breathtaking, bravissimo, Sergey & Dmitry!!! Colorful organics invade "Spaceship Human Body" along with glitchy haze. Various spoken samples appear together with all kinds of shiny chimes and swirls. Spatial voice-infused mesmerism with trancey drone blankets safely weave above. Huge dose of tranquilly homogeneous elixir awaits, these guys rule!!! Even if I am not familiar with any of their older projects mentioned above, I still feel quite ashamed for not exploring Siyanie much earlier, but the more I am enjoying it now!!! "Dimensions Womb", with 5-plus minutes the shortest piece on album, strikes promptly with warmly inviting guitar space-sounds recalling the old, long forgotten memories. Soaring string wizardry with some pleasing dissonances paint hauntingly transporting sceneries, filled with filigree craft and divine grace. Female prayer chants open "Incarnation Mystery", this composition slowly builds and remarkably expands into mysteriously colored primordial realms with deeply submerging touch. The chants remain hidden on the back and become quite phantasmagoric, while enormously transcendental aural circles move to the fore. Male/female voices and more dominant organic rumbles again invade during the closing minute and masterly enrich and balance the whole journey. This is absolutely phenomenal composition displaying the huge potential of Siyanie!!! "Blissful Dolphin" merges soothing washes with guitar splendor into mesmerizing reverberations enhanced by assorted cyber embellishments (maybe some kind of processed dolphin whistle-like sounds...). A truly joyous and peaceful, just like these fascinating marine mammals. And as much blissful for the listener too!! "Goddess Birth" unfolds with organic intro, but soon immense space domains are encountered with choir-like drones guarding above. Gently expressive flute traceries along with soft string clinks permeate too to stimulate the synapses of all electro-acoustic aficionados. "Realm Of The New Measure" closes the odyssey with strongly trance-driven dreamscape, extensively spiraling and mindscaping. My jaw remains dropped...

Yes, to me, Siyanie is certainly one of the biggest revelations I have heard lately!!! These Russian guys are enormously gifted and creative, with "Homo Multidimensional" they deliver an "all-inclusive" product offering gloriously polished and breathtakingly enthralling enjoyment, powerfully tranquilizing and monstrously mesmerizing, that will fully reward your ears and eyes. Highly recommended and no matter, if you get the arty special edition or the regular limited version. Bolshoe spasibo, Sergey & Dmitry!!! Keep on journeying!!!

Richard Gürtler (Jun 29, 2013, Bratislava, Slovakia)

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Re: My review of "Homo Multidimensional" CD by Siyanie
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2013, 09:46:20 PM »
With the gay pride weekend, this sounds like the perfect album.  ;D