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The Jackpot of Singing Bowl Ambient/Drone

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judd stephens: 

The sounds from Brian Green, check him out!  Not your run- of -the- mill tibetan bowl stuff. 

Track 2 sounds very pleasant, though it sounds like he may have used some keyboard-controlled samples there.  The rich harmonics of the bowls would likely clash more if they weren't in equal temperament.


Julio Di Benedetto:
That is the jackpot......lots of bowl drones.  I prefer the tracks where the performance is lost in deep reverb/fx   Bowls recorded straight, in a traditional sense, pale next to the actual performance of bowls played live. Their special quality is best when physically experienced.  That being said, singing bowl "shows" are not common.

judd stephens:
Totally agree with you Julio, and to Forrest, I think he samples his own bowl playing for what that's worth, but yeah. 

drone on:
To me the jackpot is umbra records Klaus Wiese set Klangschalen Sounds, which is 12 CDR's in the special packaging.  With oophoi's recent passing these are no longer available.  One of the most cherished items in my collection, mindblowing bowl drones and gorgeous artwork for each disc.


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