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Resonant Drift - Full Circle
« on: July 04, 2013, 03:00:51 AM »
Intricate ambient beatlessness and tribal groove.
Full Circle is a captivating journey through delicately shifting organic atmospheres. For the most part the music here is tranquil, drifting, lustrous and full of wonder. Yet this is not an album of simple synthetic serenity - right from the opening bars there is a sense of something deeper, more disquieting tones lying in the lower shadows. Emerging Currents rises up out of silence like ominous winds ushering in storm clouds across a darkening landscape - yet within the mass of unfurling turbulence there are bright strains. As this opening track progresses the dissonance falls away, bird calls join the more radiant sounds and an immense bank of tone dominated by lighter intensities develops setting the scene for much of what is to come. Track two fades directly out of track one - low, wafting textures thickening into dense currents, again with brighter threads lifting the mood, painting fine mists upon the scene. A silence introduces Aurora Breaking, the warmest track so far. The mood alters significantly on Cross Communication - a brooding zone of sonic breezes and reverberating peculiarities. Track eight sees the first beat of the album roll into place just before the one minute mark - a languid muted affair, crawling across an uneasy surface of keening, haunting electronica. The set concludes full circle back into beatless layered effulgence; floating in reverie; bathed in gentle sunlight; fading into silence.

This three-panel glossy digipack declares its intent via the front cover image: radiant light beams piercing and illuminating the verdant complexity of a dense forest. Rippled reflections on a foreground body of water melt the sharp edges and blur the intricacies into liquid zigzags. The rear cover presents a different forest scene, light rays here falling diagonally in mist banks onto a profusion of curling foliage and tangled undergrowth. Track titles with respective times hang in the pale haze. The third outer panel gives more space to the water surface of the front cover, here thrown out of focus to act as backdrop to a quotation from Lakota Leader Black Elk musing upon the ubiquity of circle forms. Inside is close-up of the rear cover image fading gradually from luscious green on the left to faded pallor on the right: brief quotations, credits, guest musicians and thanks are all here.

Full Circle comes as the fifth full-length release from Californian duo Resonant Drift. Released through Flow Space Music/FloBob Music this album benefits from 'mastering and sonic enhancements' by Steve Roach as well as electric upright bass and five string electric bass by Rod Ratelle. There are eleven pieces here that follow a restless course through expansive, atmospheric ambience, heaving drone beds and subtle tribal beats. Promotional material talks of the music moving "in and out of quiet ambient places, most ... vast and airy and soaring" but that it "also grinds its way through some grittier environments" wherein Resonant Drift's experimental leaning more obviously becomes prominent. You can learn more about the music and listen to each track via the Steve Roach website or you can visit the official Resonant Drift site to uncover more of the project's output and background.