Author Topic: Adobe Creative Cloud.....the future for all software delivery?  (Read 5581 times)

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I have been looking to make an upgrade to my Adobe CS4 software and discovered that CS6 is the last "creative suite" series to be released.  It is now Adobe Creative Cloud,  as in Photoshop CC. In short Adobe has become a subscription service.  I actually did upgrade to Photoshop CC as I do use this a lot for processing photographs.  I do not use Illustrator and Indesign except for cd artwork production so an upgrade to the full suite was not called for.  Unfortunately there is no upgrade path from CS4 to CS6 or I might have gone that route.  This is not the case with the creative cloud.  I have Photoshop CC installed in my laptop for $9.99 a month with a one year commitment.  This is the special price for registered CS3 - CS5 users.  I believe Photoshop would be $19.99 for first time users. $29.99 would get me the entire Adobe collection.  Here is the link for those interested

Makes sense to me for the creative professional who spends much of the day design etc.....For my self, lets see how it goes.  I like the idea that one will always be working with software that is at the peak of its development that is until something better(more effective) is created and then these new apps are freely available as part of the subscription. 

This delivery format is not new....I downloaded Logic 9 from iTunes not so long ago.  Imagine if Native Instruments made their soft synths available on a subscription basis.  It would not make sense if a software company did not continue to develop their software.  Why keep paying for the same thing, better to buy it one time.

Another approach and not one Ive seen yet would be to use the software on a case by case basis...I guess rent would be the word, as a pro photographer might rent a big telephoto lens fort a special job but may not want to drop $5k on lens that does not get much use.

Curious to see how this will develop and see who follows Adobe.
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Re: Adobe Creative Cloud.....the future for all software delivery?
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2013, 06:42:14 AM »
My first thought was "Wow! That's a risky move by Adobe." But the more I thought about it, I realized they can get away with only offering a subscription-based model. Their userbase is huge, and pros won't have a problem with the cost because they likely spend it already. I can't think of another company who could pull such a drastic move and not end badly for them.

I believe this model is a little cheaper for one who uses the suite every day, and upgrades when the next version comes out. But for someone like me who only uses the suite a few times a month, and doesn't upgrade every time, it's a tough pill to swallow. Ignoring the introductory rate for the first year, the yearly cost is $600USD.

Luckily, my last upgrade was CS5, and works well for me now and into the foreseeable future. But there will come a time where I'll need to upgrade. I'm not sure how long they'll continue to offer CS6 as a purchasable product, and even at that point, it may not be worth the money. I may have to explore other options, which is disappointing.

You can rent their software on a monthly basis, it just costs more. For example, renting Photoshop for a month will cost $30USD. Renting the entire suite costs $75USD/month.
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