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Bandcamp seems to be setting the standard for the distribution of digital music.  The variety and amount of music that is available is mind-boggling, and much of it can be had for "pay what you want" or free.  I'm tickled pink about the availability of my precious .flac files.  Entire labels have set up their own camps there.  Limited edition CDs are also available in many cases.

The new social media aspect (collections) is also fairly cool but clearly in its infancy.

I'm curious what other forum members and, in particular, artists and labels think about Bandcamp.

As an artist and as a purchaser of other artists music I find Bandcamp excellent.
As an artist you only have to upload your file(s) once, wav or flac depending on the size, Bandcamp does the conversion for you, when the buyer chooses the format they want. You can upload artwork and bonus items, etc, and you can even sell physical stuff from there as well, and you can set your own prices. All in all pretty damn good!

As a purchaser, everything has been smooth, you choose the format you want, one price regardless of file type, files arrive with no problems at all.
You can listen to whole albums if you want, before you decide to buy or not, very important if you're out there discovering new artists, gives you a safety net so to speak.

I like the collections thing too, it is very interesting having a look at what other people who have some similar tastes, are listening to in addition to those you have in common.

I did sell one of my albums on Musiczeit, but took it off after a couple of months and put everything on Bandcamp, Musiczeit wasn't for me, I have not tried CD Baby for selling, but to be honest I am more than happy with Bandcamp and wouldn't bother looking to sell on CD Baby.
I have bought music from CD Baby before MP3 only at that time, I believe now they offer flac also but I think there is a price difference, although I may be wrong on that. Bandcamp would always be my first port of call for digital, and if I didn't need to go anywhere else then I wouldn't.
I hope this has been helpful.

I love Bandcamp for all the reasons you've stated. I would also add that, as a consumer rather than an artist, there have been many artists from whom I've purchased digital files and/or physical CDs simply because of the experience that the Bandcamp platform offers. I have stumbled across the work of lesser known artists serendipitously by exploring Bandcamp. I have bought albums from well known artists that I wouldn't have bought other wise simply because I had the opportunity to hear the entire release a few times and get "hooked" on it. Finally, the potential for impulse shopping is huge on Bandcamp. Want that CD? Buy it. And while you wait for it to arrive in the mail, enjoy your immediate digital download. I'm sure that kind of tricksy benefits many artists.

Here is my Bandcamp profile/collection:

| broken harbour |:
I was an early adopter back when Bandcamp got started.  I love it, they know how to treat artists, and buying music through bandcamp is dead easy.  I also like the way they handle physical sales, as I have to box it up and mail it myself, not depend on cdbaby or a different distribution platform.  This makes the artist and listeners feel more connected, and I like that.

Speaking as an artist, I'm very impressed with Bandcamp. I was a bit 'sniffy' about it at first, but it really is a good set-up they have. Their Flac file capability is unique as far as I know. I think the indexing of search terms is a bit slow for new releases, but apart from that no complaints.

I've heard some artists bemoan Bandcamp's lack of promotional 'focus' and that it's easy to get lost there (amongst the many, many releases) and I think those points are probably true, but that's the nature of the beast.

CD Baby is still the only decent way to go for digital distribution though, which isn't Bandcamp's thing.


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