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Something I forgot to mention earlier, I was thinking about ways of backing up my albums and I decided that Bandcamp would serve as a some kind of 'cloud' storage facility as well as it's intended use. It looks like it's going to be around for awhile and I can download the Flac files if I ever need to.

I like bandcamp - it's shifted to becoming where I get most of my music from these days.  Relaxed Machinery encourages all of our artists to use it in addition to whatever other format they want to release through (CD Baby for digital distro, CDR, etc...).  Since rM is decentralized as a label - each artist "self releases... together" - it allows them another outlet to release though that people like - with mp3 or flac - and we have the central label site linking to all the options for our listeners to buy from.  Win-Win.


Julio Di Benedetto:
Bandcamp do the all file conversion.....the artist sends them wav files, at say 24bit @ 96k and they will convert it to the other formats.  AS to limiting the free format...thats is up to the artist.  From my experience usually all digital formats are available, though I have not check the Rich bandcamp site you maybe this is new.

The main reason they cut it down to 128kb/s is to keep bandwidth usage under control. Given it's a free sample, that's reasonable.

I think it's safe to say that if a listener has a critical ear, such as yourself, they know enough that the streaming version doesn't match the sonic fidelity of the purchased product (be it CD or FLAC), and won't judge the recording based on that.

How many people know it is 128kb/s  I do not think many...
I found it out when I did try to download some album with jdownloader.

I understand they want to keep bandwidth down.


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