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jim brenholts:
i picked up some loop bundles by pro sessions. wow! these have some very cool sounds and they were CHEAP! - $9.99 per set. i got 3 - tension theory, spooky ghost and sounds of unseen worlds. has anyone else ever used or heard of them?

I have sampled from Future Music or Computer Music discs and I may actually own a set (one came with M-Audio hardware I believe). What I dislike is the fact that 90% of these are beat type loop libraries. I could care less for that and would prefer to see more sound efx/ambient stuff. I recently got Loop Noir and Available Light from Sony and have Ugly Remnants and Arythmia from said magazine discs and other stuff obtained elsewhere. But Pro Sessions has some decent stuff. Get them at your local Guitar Center!

Paul Vnuk (Ma Ja Le):
Are these the M-Audio pro sessions libraries ???


jim brenholts:

--- Quote from: Paul Vnuk (Ma Ja Le) on December 11, 2007, 11:44:43 AM ---Are these the M-Audio pro sessions libraries ???


--- End quote ---
and there are lots of environmental and atmospheric loops. there are also some beat loops.

Paul Vnuk (Ma Ja Le):
Make sure you pic up Alien Radio if you can find it!!! Its Awesome  ::)

E-mail me if you cant! I will sell you one for $10 plus shipping.

In fact I have about 10 left if anyone else wants some.



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