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Julio Di Benedetto:
Yes Pete.....diminishing is the right word.  I did recently sell my Andromeda synth for twice what I paid for it in 2006 so its not all downhill.   

All of my master gear is sold except for 2 cables...Acoustic Zen balance inter connectors that go from my DAC to my monitors.  I had thoughts of selling them and did my own test between a pair of mogami cables and the Acoustic Zen cables.  The Acoustic Zen cables to describe what I heard is so subjective that perhaps it comes down to I liked them better.....well what did you like about them more than the mogami?  That is the question.  Perhaps it as silly as preferring vanilla ice-cream over chocolate.  Like I prefer my Lavry AD/DA converter over the conversion from my Metric Halo Box.  Is it better no.  It does cost twice as much.  Does the Lavry sound different, yes and its that difference that keeps me using them.

I got this impression from scanning the links you posted Jim.....opinions are all over the place. Need to read so more

There is a learning stage or better put you acquire over time an appreciation for what this gear does.  In good mastering rooms around the world you find names like McIntosh, Krell and Pass labs amps to name a few.  Audiophile cables and speakers like B&W, Revel and Thiel.   This gear does a serious job and is not for pleasure purposes.

Ultimately we use the best gear we can afford and gets the job done from the joys of listening to our favorite music to recording our next release!

Many years ago I had technics system - I upgraded from something like 10 speaker cables to 20 - it sounded so different I had take time swapping them back and forth until I got used to the difference - which was an improvement.

The difference when I got some JMLab speakers was even more astounding.

About the same time I was working in another part of the UK and took a colleague into a Hi-Fi shop and pretended I'd just inherited 10,000. he didn't know my music so the sound did not really hit him. I asked the shop to put on a track currently in the charts - Frozen by Madonna - and my friends jaw hit the floor, he said it felt like he could hear her jeans rub as she walked around.

in 2011 I was buying some new headphones (grado 325si) and played some of my own music on the shops 16,000 system - played Strange Attractor (from the Hypnos compilation Sounds of a Universe Overheard) and the clarity of the sound was awesome. They kept turning up the volume and the bass sounds did not trouble it at all - and the clarity of the treble was not lost either......

I'm always reminded of 2 sayings - 'the more you open the door, the more shit comes flying through' and 'your sound is only as good as the weakest link in the chain' - If I was spending these amounts of money I would not waste the money by getting cheap cables.

I'm not sure if I envy those of you who have the ears to appreciate the distinctions in quality or whether I think you're cursed.  ;)

 ;D  ;)  8)  :o  ::)


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