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'Unveil' free track


'Unveil' free track

The inspiration for this track was hearing choral / organ music in a highly reverberant Abbey Church and being inspired by the cavernous low notes and uplifting voices created by the acoustic effects of the space. I also was very taken with the atmosphere created by the music, I pick up on the 'presence' in such places and find them inspiring. I tried to create something with a 'sacred ambient' motif. I'm rarely directly inspired in such a way musically, but this has been an engaging exception.

The source material for this track was taken from a pool of sounds from which my 'Harmony through Conflict' and 'NYX' albums arose (as well as my upcoming releases 'IRIS') This pool of material contains a lot of experimental recordings created using Native Instrument's Razor and Prism synths (as well as a lot of manipulated sample library recordings) I used the Razor's vocoder in 'Unveil', I think this is the best vocoder I've come across and I'm a big fan of such things ! Image-line's idiosyncratic Harmor synth was also featured on this track.

Free download (wav file)


I really enjoy it but I'm not really hearing much of a sacred/choral influence. It reminds me of Steve Roach more than anything else.

Nice drifting sounds 8)

Thanks for the comments, 'Castleview' the choral influence is there, but it's subtle. The Steve Roach bit isn't though - I have a lot of respect for Mr Roach, bur he isn't one of my influences.

Anyway, here's a video to accompany the track: (Slow-mo stream footage with FX)


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