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Best place for Ambient musicians to live

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First..not sure which category this belongs in.

Thinking about moving away from Cleveland Ohio.

What US city would you move to in hopes of furthering
your ambient space music?

Interesting question, not really sure. I guess you are looking for some sort of ambient scene to join? I don't really know of any place that has a scene based around ambient/space music these days. There use to be some what of a scene here in LA but that was decades ago. Other cities like San Francisco, Portland, Tucson, and Philadelphia have had something but I am not really sure if they are that viable anymore. Maybe the best advice I can think of is find somewhere you want to live, that has the quality of life you want then go there. Most of us seem to be all over the map so I don't think a particular place really maters anymore.

Julio Di Benedetto:
Rule out any cities along the south eastern Florida coast......not to say that there aren't ambient music fans and musician just no community per se. 

I think the community has be a virtual one for a while, like this forum and others.  It has become more of a global community with respected musicians collaborating on music who are continents away from each other.

There is no Nashville for ambient space music but the cities that Loren mentioned do seem to have more interest in things out side the "popular" Box.

Philadelphia has a fairly active ambient/space community. Chuck Van Zyl hosts The Gatherings and Stars End. There are some shows at the Rotunda and Moonbase Alpha. There are also 3 or 4 radio shows that feature Ambient/Space Music.


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