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Where is Tetsu Inoue?

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drone on:
Listening to some classic Fax albums tonight, I decided to do some research to find out the latest.  All I found was a blog by Phonaut asking the same thing, about a year ago.  He was concerned he's either dead or just being a recluse, as all his emails went unanswered and cards/letters never got a reply.  He was running tetsus website the last several years.  The man is a ghost.  Anyone know anything???

Kind of curious, myself. The last new album Tetsu put out was 'Inland' on the Fax label, back in 2007.  I know of nothing since then.

Dave at Ear Rational has been hard at work on his tribute album to Pete Namlook The track list from Fax artists had no submission from Tetsu Inoue.

drone on:

Thank you so much for mention of this Namlook tribute!  Had no idea this was coming out.  4 CD's of unreleased music by Fax artists--the tracklist looks incredible (some tracks that were intended for future Fax releases, like Spyra, Anthony Rother, etc.)--plus 4 MORE cd's of music by fans.  I would have been happy to have 4 discs of Fax artists; not sure about 4 discs of unknowns.  The set will sell for $85(!!) available late September.  Could've cut that price in half with maybe 4 CD's mentioned above plus one by fans.  I think 8 is a bit excessive, but we shall see...Speaking of Fax, I noticed the Fax website was finally sold.  I kept checking it every so often for maybe some information about Peter's death and/or statements by his family, but it never happened.  The website finally down is really kind of a cold hard slice of reality that this really was the end of Fax records.   :(

Regarding Tetsu, seems nobody cared (except you and me).  Maybe that's why he's in hiding or whatever.   ;D


--- Quote from: drone on on August 05, 2013, 12:06:35 AM ---Regarding Tetsu, seems nobody cared (except you and me).  Maybe that's why he's in hiding or whatever.   ;D

--- End quote ---

This was raised on the Hyperreal ambient list a few months ago.  I don't there was much info there, either.


Noah / Phonaut has been Tetsu's webmaster for years and years - and he posted this a year ago or so wondering the same thing.


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