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Steve Roach - Live Transmissions and LA's Vortex Dome Immersion Concerts

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Ordered and awaiting the arrival of Steve's newest double cd release Live Transmissions.
Looking forward to the next "live" Immersion gig at LA's Vortex Dome venue on Oct 25 (one show) and Oct 26 (two shows). Feeling bad about missing out on the Ambicon event and his last Immersion gig in Tucson a few years back I will def be at the Saturdays shows. Yes both shows.

drone on:
Anyone have this yet?

Received it this morning and will give it a listen tonight

| broken harbour |:
I have it but have not yet listened to it.

To me, "Live Transmission" 2CD is a crème de la crème of 2013!!! Transcendent listening experience returns once again..., it's an all-inclusive sonic document, expansive dronescapes, warmer panoramic sceneries, didge, fujara sources, tribal beats, fractal grooves, Berlin EM evocations... A truly intense listening journey awaits, superb sonic quality too. Since "Back To Life" 2CD, this is another tremendously triumphant solo release by The Master!!! Have you listened to a live stream from The Drone Zone? Yes or no, no matter, this is a must have!!!

Richard  :)


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