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Steve Roach - Live Transmissions and LA's Vortex Dome Immersion Concerts

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Received and listened to already 3 times. Just as I remembered it live on the drone zone.
Already secured tickets to the Sat 9pm show.

Just got the new CD and haven't listen to it you, but I did listen to the broadcast live at the time so I think I know what I am in for. I ordered my ticket to the late Saturday night show, I will see you all there.

drone on:
Disc one has been on repeat mode all week.  It's absolutely superb.  Time to explore disc 2.

Steve Lazur:
I have my ticket for the 9pm Immersion Concert and the reception afterwards.  I am coming from Simi Valley.  I'd like to ride in with someone as I don't like driving to downtown.  Anybody heading to the show from that direction I can pool with?  I'd be willing to pay for gas and fight off zombies.  Hopefully they won't come out until after we leave.

I plan on picking this CD up when I go to the show at the vortex dome. Looking forward to seeing many close friends as much as the show itself. Who else is going? Ambient superstars Loren Nerell, Steve Lazur, Kelly David, and Brian Parnham will be there. Who else?


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