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Hi all,

Like to introduce myself: Waveman(John) is a musician and likes to play by stream many styles of music on the internet, to explain what and how I wil direct you to one of my greatest show ever about O÷phoi(Gianluigi Gasparetti)  "Gigi" I did !    Suggestions or questions are welcome on this wel sorted forum  8)  Meanwhile I ask you to visit the weekly friday show from 20.00-24.00(local time) Synth/Ambient/Drone music at / Radio Chat / als gast einloggen.

Welcome to the forum, John (Waveman 2.3), nice to see you here 8)
And yes that show about Gigi was amazing. 8) 8)

Twice as nice Phobos, remember your visit last time  :D

Can't wait to put the radio on again.....


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