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Julio Di Benedetto:

Thanks to Tomas Weiss (El culto) for posting the 80 minute Eno interview recently.   In it Eno mentioned a iPad app he had developed called Scape.  This is it.  It is quite amazing and I have been making scapes for a few weeks now, in fact I bought an iPad just because I wanted this app.  I often create a scape and just let it evolve instead of putting on music in the studio, change elements from time to time and.....well its just really fun, actually its just very ambient for anyone.  It does benefit to send the sound signal through some reverb/effects which may not be readily available to non musicians but as I have discovered theres lots of ways to do so within the iPad environment for a few $.

Do you remember when "Drum Machines" came out and human drummers could not get gigs anymore..... :o


El culto:

It would be great and interesting if you could post something (short video or audio) you have done with it so far!

You know as it is - demo-videos for a product are always too polished  ;D


Looks really interesting Julio !

Why does the 'dark side' have all the best music apps ? :)

Julio Di Benedetto:
Yes I will post some Scapes......good idea Tomas.  Actually running the ipad output through my studio reverb which is an Eventide Eclipse the Scape sounds incredible.  They still sound good unprocessed but do benefit from some additional space.  I ran one Scape last night form about 5.30pm to about 11.45 pm and every so often would add a new element or change the mood.  Amazing! 

You can also take snap shots of your Scapes for playback at another time but they cannot be edited any further. 

I hope ambient music fans with iPads download is an educational tool as well IMHO as you will be doing what musicians do with layering sounds and textures hands on without the need of really any musical skills except your ears. Just remember to check back in and support your favorite musicians.  ;)

FYI.....the full app has to be unlocked in the iPad settings which gives you quite alot more elements to use.  In the settings it says that this is not recommended I believe because it also gives you the chance to change the pitch and scale which could mess things up if your not musically minded.  I thought the video shown here was the prototype or perhaps the computer version as my Scape originally was not the same as the one in the video. Once unlocked it was the same.... Cant imagine why nothing was mentioned about this on the website.  Eno being Eno?

I put this topic here for maximum exposure as it could get lost in the gear or tech section of the forum.


--- Quote from: Julio Di Benedetto on August 17, 2013, 04:40:41 PM ---Do you remember when "Drum Machines" came out and human drummers could not get gigs anymore..... :o
--- End quote ---

You mean all those lucrative gigs I get for playing live ambient music at bar mitzvahs and weddings is now going to dry up? Gee thanks Brian Eno.  :P ;D

Looks like an interesting app, but does everything you make sound like Eno? That's the impression the demo leaves with me. I would also like to hear what you've done with it Julio.


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