Heavy music: turn it up to eleven!

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Julio Di Benedetto:
Only Heavy music Ive been into in recent years is Tool.......the videos below should come with some sort of warning.  Makes Hellrasier seem like a kids cartoon IMHO.  Kind of like the music better without the visual element.  Thats just me.

Russian black metal project. Only two members: Dmitry Lisitsky - Bass, Guitars, Drums; Roman Ivanov - Vocals.

Some heavy stuff (while being quite melodic as well) is some cascadian black metal bands (or just black metal/post rock, however you want to term it) is Falls of Rauros (Maine!), Endless Sea and Sky Burial (where four rivers flow is awesome). All of these 3 bands put out some good stuff, some of it free via bandcamp or netlabel. Check them out and others of their ilk. Also been listening to Lycum and Eye of Solitude (doom/death/funeral doom).


Been listening to this station for some time now:

<rant on>
I must be getting old (actually, I am old), a lot of the newer stuff really grates with me, especially the 'pop / metal' stuff, with all the bratty shoutings and the teenage (or what comes over as teenage) angst. The groaning stuff is better, but still not my cup of tea. As for guitartists - who are the killer axe-men these days ?, I've not heard much in the way of 'hot solos' of late.
</rant off>

Yeah Pete, I know what you mean, you just don't seem to get those super guitar solos anymore, one great solo merchant who is no longer with us, Gary Moore, when I listen to him, he still sends shivers down my spine. IMHO he was the best guitarist ever.
This guy isn't bad, band is a bit naff though-


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