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New Lycia


drone on:
Their first in 13 years called Quiet Moments, ltd to 1000 copies.  Really looking forward to this one!!!

drone on:
Heard three songs so far (previews on YouTube) and this could be the best thing Lycia has ever done.  Back to the sound of Ionia and A Day in the Stark Corner. 

drone on:
I have an extra copy of this, sealed. $7 plus ship.  Contact me if interested.

consist of a lot of filler songs...but these songs below are 4.5 stars

Highlights: The Visitor || Quiet Moments ||Greenland

These songs are among the best songs they have ever done...
They remind me of some of the best songs on "The Burning Circle and Then Dust" album.
Well it has been a problem with Lycia that their albums have too many filler songs which make their album very


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