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Orbiting the Earth with an Audio System

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Thank you for your feedback and for giving it a listen.

Looking forward to the new release, I'm happy to master it free-of-charge, if you like.

Excited to announce the completion of the latest project:

A collaboration with a friend located in Norway.  I think it came out really well, please have a listen.

I need to give that new release a full listen. I had listened to part of it yesterday and I thought it was really good, but then I distracted by other things. I'll listen to the rest of it soon.

True Night Sky is great. You did a great job controlling the frequencies (nice low to mid range), and there are subtle textures here and there that help it to make it more than just a big drone. I wonder how much your collaborator contributed because it does feel a bit different from your other stuff. Whatever he did, it seems like he contributed a good bit.

Just saw this comment, thank you for listening and for your feedback, Castleview!

I think the release landed in a good place and it was really fun to do the long-distance collabo with Theta. I agree that the result has a unique character contrasted with my previous efforts. Theta's contributions were numerous and can be hear throughout the entire listen.

Looking forward to your upcoming release, Castleview, and best regards!


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