Who else is listening to the new Grassow on repeat?

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I pre-ordered and have the analog mastered version, and I just love this record.  I received it last Thursday and listened to it almost the entire weekend and here I am again this evening enjoying it again.

Incredible sonics and depth with a great mix of organic elements alongside beautiful synth textures.  This and the live Steve Roach release are probably my records of the year so far.

Highly recommended. 

Which CD is this?  Tara?

Ein Sophistry:

I've been playing it quite a bit as well; it's one of my regular "sleep" CDs at the moment. It didn't quite grab me as immediately as Elsewhere I did, but it has surely and steadily grown on me. Great stuff.

Agreed!  It didn't grab me immediately but I'm listening to it again right now and find I enjoy it more with each listen.  I'm a big fan of Grassow and it's one of my favorite things that he's done.  The pre-ordered analog mastered sound is really fun with my Focal system.

I also agree, DAGAZ didn't grab my attention that much until i started to play it on repeat.
Grassow's music is always richly layered and therefore has timeless quality to it..

However i didn't notice anything about Weiss' newly promoted mixing techniques, that graceful 2nd 28min. piece entirely resolves into a growing rustle towards the end, something i didn't hear before in Grassow's music.. and feels like something that accidentally happened during recording sessions..

Amother new CD is planned on Gterma sometime soon in early autumn


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