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Jonathan Block on Stillstream May 10

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Jonathan will give a free concert this Sat at 11 Central on . I'm looking forward to it.


Thanks for mentioning this gig although I'm thoroughly confused about the time as it's listed on the Stillstream site as 10:00 pm central. I'll confirm the time.

Regardless, I'm working up a set that's a combination of my more ambient wind synth material fused with the more sequenced stuff I've done in the past. Looking forward to the virtual concert!

Interesting... I was told myself and THEE Mr. Stephen Philips would be playing StillStream on saturday... since Mr. Philips is visiting and all.  probably just as well since the studio is still being connected.


Just to clarify the starting time for this weekend's broadcast on Stillstream, I'll be starting at 10:00 pm (Central Time), 11:00 pm (Eastern Time), 8:00 pm (Pacific Time) on Saturday May 10. You can listen to the show through this link:

. . . and 4 am GMT.


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