My coworker stopped talking to me

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Bill Binkelman:

--- Quote from: drone on on April 11, 2014, 01:21:13 PM ---A coworker advised to only make an effort if this is genuinely somebody I care about.  I can't say that about this person because all there is is small talk and tv and movies discussions.  I feel like if my conscience is clear that I didn't do or say anything to warrant this situation, then the other person is choosing to behave this way based on their own issues.  Maybe I just need to suck it up and take it like a man.

--- End quote ---

I think this is the wisest approach to take, based on my experience as well.

Same here. If someone is acting weird toward you, trying to force them to return to friendly interaction is most likely going to backfire. Not everybody has to be your buddy! People who send signals that they're not super-fond of you should just be given some room.

drone on:
Thanks Bill and Mike.  Yes, this is exactly what I decided to do.  It's still awkward to sit six feet from someone all day without a word.  Now there's not even a "good morning.".

drone on:
I forgot to follow up on the guy who stopped talking back in April.  We talk now.  Previous to his cold attitude, I had sent a reminder email about a procedure, because somebody f***** up on something.  Turns out it was this guy who made the gaffe.  He assumed I knew he was the guilty party, which I didn't, and got offended over the email.  Talk about dumb!  That's why they always say "don't assume"...


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