My coworker stopped talking to me

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Julio Di Benedetto:
Happened to me.....its really unpleasant!  A co worker of 13 years one day just turn me off in his world.  There seemed to be no reason for it that I was aware of.  I tried to hold a mirror up to him, sort of reflect the energy back that he was sending. Not sure if it worked but it did stop me wasting alot of energy wondering what I may have done and self analysis. In the end the co worker left and the situation was never resolved.  Should I have done more.....maybe.  What I did was to ensure that my job was not compromised by this.  We were not friends outside of work though we had been friendly and enjoyed working together.

drone on:
Thanks to all for their comments.  Good tips there.   I'll try not to let it get to me.  Luckily she's not in my immediate workgroup so we have limited contact anyway.

drone on:
This has happened again.  This time it's really awkward as this person shares a long workstation with me and sits several feet next to me all day.  We got along great, always laughed, joked and chitchat etc.  The guy started giving me a "fake polite smile" when I made a comment, as if to say I'm not interested or you are annoying me.   He stopped making comments or engaging me in any way.  Except for good morning and goodnight.  Not wanting to bother him, I ceased engaging him and now sit in silence for 8 hrs.  Thank God for headphones!  I am getting used to it now close to one month later, but it's still quite depressing to me since there is no explanation for this.  Even a nearby coworker noticed we don't talk anymore.  To me this is more unnerving because I have to sit next to this person 40 hours a week.

Julio Di Benedetto:
Because of the close quarters best to confront him and get it out in the open....it takes a fair bit of courage to be direct.  You could also inquire if things are all right with him in his world as you notice a difference recently, sort of being the caring co work, which Im sure you are.....this might get him to talk.  Perhaps others in office may have more insight....anyone he's friendly with that you could talk to.

Its horrible when you just cant walk away and there seems to be no other solution...good luck.

drone on:
I did consider confronting him but decided this is his problem, also why validate the vibe he's throwing out?  (By acting like it's bothering me).


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