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Ambient / IDM tape release: Isomorphic - Shadow Locked 1/2


ISOMORPHIC - Shadow Locked 1/2 [1-diam.tape]

Limited and hand numbered to 75x C52 cassette tapes, incl. digital download.


a-side: Shadow locked I (25:03 min.)
b-side: Shadow locked II (25:07 min.)

Diametric. proudly launches its tape series with this first cassette release by Isomorphic.
Isomorphic is the ambient/electronica project of Sheffield based John Shima who has already
released the critically acclaimed 12” “Apoapsis EP” on the main diametric. venture.
Shadow Locked I/II features 50 minutes of sci-fi influenced ambient and electronica, mainly
based on modular synthesis excursions that John conceived in his studio. This electronic
adventure is split in various interwoven parts and takes you on a trip through space and in
between. The music recalls the golden days of labels such as Fax or Rising High with
beautifully crafted soundscapes and atmospheres.
Limited and hand numbered to 75x C52 cassette tapes, incl. digital download, provided with
purchase of the tape through the diametric. webstore. Tapes will only be available through
the diametric. webstore, Interstellar Sounds UK and Rub a Dub UK exclusively.
Please note, Interstellar Sounds and Rub a Dub do not provide the digital download.
Download only included with purchase in the diametric. webstore.


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