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Grey Frequency - Cold Geometry [Dark Ambient / Experimental]

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The new Grey Frequency album, 'Cold Geometry', is out now. Six tracks of haunted soundscapes and dark, brooding ambience.

Digital download and limited edition cassette available via Bandcamp:

Any questions / feedback welcome!

Robert Logan:
Thanks for letting us know. I really liked the feel of this and bought it.

Great work! I love music that 'rests' in a specific, almost 'neutral' state like this. It is non-didactic and both relaxing and very intense and interesting at the same time. Thank you.

Really like the sound design on "Signal And Serenade".

Thank you for the kind words. And thanks, Robert, for buying a copy!...

I really enjoy making sounds that try to express pure mood- something that may be ominous and unsettling, but at the same time, relaxing and immersive.

I enjoyed the first few tracks. But then my daughter told me to turn if off because it was making her feel unsettled.  :)


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