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Midi Controller Recommendation


| broken harbour |:
Hi All,

I've recently had a a music job actually pay something.... And I wanted to invest at least some of it into better equipment.  Can anyone recommend a good, weighted action, 88 key midi controller that won't obliterate my savings account?  I have an M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 now, and while it's perfectly competent, the weighted action is pretty lacking, so I barely play piano on it. 

Piano is something I want to do more of.

I'd prefer to keep things under a thousand bucks if possible.

Julio Di Benedetto:
Ive had this since january and the action is it as a demo model from novamusik for $700.  Its not cheap and you can do better price wise with just a controller but I could not pay good money for a keyboard that did not make any sounds. As you can hear the piano sounds great.  As a controller it does what its supposed to.

Haven't tried it, but usually Kurzweil stuff is ok


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