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My review of "The Physics Of Heaven" CDr by O÷phoi & Ran Kirlian

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--- Quote from: Castleview on November 26, 2013, 06:25:39 PM ---I'm usually not the biggest Oophoi fan but I already love some of his posthumous work, particularly this and I Can Hear The Wing Singing. I think both of those are AOTY candidates.

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Oophoi's music is hard to get into.

If I would recommend you two albums it would be Forgotten Rituals and  Signals From the Great Beyond (1cd version)

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I really liked The Spirals Of Time but I didn't care for The Dreams Of Shell or Behind The Wall Of Sleep.

I might check out those albums.

Oophoi's work is quite varied, even within his own genre 8).

Like any artist you have to explore and find the ones that grab you. Some can be very deeply minimal in nature - but I find it hard to seperate them out in order to think what someone might enjoy if there are some discs they have not.

Athlit is considered a classic and well worth digging into.

If you can clarify what aspects you liked in some and disliked inothers we might be able to make further recommendations.

Must admit I never found any of his music hard to get into.....

I'm not a fan of some of the sounds and textures he incorporates, especially the high end sounds.


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