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Hartmann Neuron Vst (FREE but Intel Mac Only)


El culto:
That are great news  :) Works even without the NUKE controller!

But it seems the plugin is a bit fussy with some hosts:


Julio Di Benedetto:
Great news.....I had the original VS and nuke version.  Miss it a lot.   Thanks for posting this.  Lets hope this version works better on the mac than the old one.  I had to run the original on a pc because the mac version was so unstable.  Just realized I am going to need fxpansions vst to audio units adapter for logic.  Not free in the end but still worth it!

El culto:

maybe worth to try it first with Reaper (free, but full Version) before buying the wrapper  :)


Julio Di Benedetto:
Never thought of that...good advice Tomas.  Thanks


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