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Oenyaw: Volume #32
« on: September 22, 2013, 07:30:40 AM »
Waiting for the Mortician
(...or someone like him)
Open Night at the Vogon Poetry Club

01-Megabrantis Cluster
02-The Beating and Clubing Is Part Of The Dance
03-Coctails, Anyone?
04-Time To Fold Your Towel
05-Visions Swam Sickeningly Through His Nauseated Brain
06-Turn Me On, Dead Man
07-Interstellular Distances Will Not Fit Into The Human Imagination
08-So This Is It, We're Going To Die
09-Oh, Those Santraginean Fish

This may be the closest example of an Oenyaw "tribute" album yet.  I have stated that my favorite Beatles track is "Revolution #9", my inspiration in literature is Douglas Adams, and the only comedy I consider worth listening is The Firesign Theater.  The dual title is my homage to all the dual titled Bullwinkle episodes.    The idea comes from a memory of walking into an amusing open night night at a local bar in Tallahassee.   A bunch of drunks let loose from the rehab and put on a stage. A few of the tracks are many short tracks mixed together, a couple are typical Oenyaw, and one is a speach by Fearless Leader.

All tracks assembled by Oenyaw
Copyright 2013 David Wayne Higgins, CDM/CFPP
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