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judd stephens:
I really like most of Alio Die's music, particularly any time he uses medieval choirs and renaissance instruments. 

This is really out of my league so I ask the question here:  some of that, if not all, is sampled right? 

Most likely he didn't emply a group of choir singers, and he may play instruments but a lot of the medieval music sounds like it may have been a previous recording that has been slowed down, distorted and with layers of effects and processing meshed in.

To me this is actually a neat idea, that of "recycling" that kind of music and if that's what Alio Die is doing, he does it like no other.  The artist Diatonis has an album called The Convolving Universe that is just processed gregorian monks and choirs I believe, and it's similarly cool....

I wonder how one deals with copywright issues with this?  If you distort something beyond recognition (at least in parts) and add your own effects, does it become something new?  This is something that went on for years in Rap music before artists finally started demanding royalties, so just curious about this topic...

I think if you sample form someone's recording without their permission you are fair game for that artist to go after you. As an example some ambient group just recently released an album of music with one track in which they sampled about 30 seconds of Steve Roach's Structures From Silence. All they did was loop it and add some wind sounds over the top of it, and never once asked for permission or even gave Steve credit. From what I have heard they are now learning a hard lesson.

In the case of Alio Die I am not sure where the source of his samples are from. I really doubt that he did it without permission. I've used recordings of gamelans that I have processed to make some of my sounds, but in my case I have used recordings that I have made myself so no issues there. In the late 1980s I saw this was going to be an issue and made a conscious decision not to go the route of taking stuff from other people recordings.

drone on:
That group you speak of, Sowing Paranoia, also sampled heavily from Eno's On Land on the same cd.  Funny thing is, I really like how they weaved those samples in to the album.  Although it was pretty shady they didn't get permission...


--- Quote from: drone on on September 24, 2013, 01:36:47 AM ---That group you speak of, Sowing Paranoia, also sampled heavily from Eno's On Land on the same cd.
--- End quote ---

That's not the name of the group I am referring too. I'm not going to post who they are, don't want to give them anything for what they did.

Damn. Now I'm more curious than ever!


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