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Thought I'd try my luck over here: ;D
Since I am rebuilding my studio arsenal, I thought I'd see if anyone has anything for sale in the way of gear.
I'm not interested in guitars, bass, or flutes, etc. Got those covered.
I'm more interested in pedals, synth/sequencer, drum machine, fx, or other electronic noisemakers/noisechangers. I'm not looking for mammoth synth stuff like a Virus TI or Korg Triton, the smaller the better.

Drop me a line and let me know what you've got and pricing -


edit - i fixed the email link...  jkn

The smaller the better you say? Try the Chimera bc16 miniature patch synthesizer.

Looks like I might've spoke too soon about this little synth. I just checked out a thread on it over at Vintage Synth Explorer and it seems quite a few buyers have been waiting a long time, some since January, and still haven't received their Chimera yet. 

It looks like fun to toy with though. Could be great for coffee house gigs, commuting on the bus, train or long jet flights.


Paul Vnuk (Ma Ja Le):
Some how I am not sure bringing something that looks like it could be a homemade bomb on an airplane is such a great idea  ::)

You should have seen the looks on security when I took my Korg Wavedrum as a carry on through Holland and Germany...


Scott M2:

While we're talking small synth/doodads. I'm quite in love with my Kaossilator -
so it's not for sale but they're pretty reasonable new. Maybe not the greatest for ambient music -
although add a stereo volume pedal and and some verb/delay/whatever & you're getting there.
I bring mine on the bus/subway to and from work and make various loopy grooves and solo away
on top. Great fun and you must get very Zen about the results, because it has no memory.
(Sometimes I can sample my homebound loop into my Kaoss Pad 3.)
I've tried it live now and it will remain part of my regular live setup.

Serious fun even without the Autobahn. They're not paying me - really.


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