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Forum-ites may have followed the thread about being in remission, but will probably not be aware that final updates are still being posted. Details below - of interest to those who appreciate exhibitionistic verbiage, unreadable communications, and postmodern ironic self-consciousness (oh yeah, some minimal quality music appraisal snuck in there too ;)):


AUDIO VERITÉ / Recordings: clarification, commentary, criticism

INSTALLMENT 15 / December 2007

Alan Lockett (AL), Max Schaefer (MS)

ASHER The Depths, the Colors, the Objects and the Silence (Mystery Sea)
MATT BORGHI & BEN FLEURY-STEINER What the Night Leaves Behind (Gears of Sand)
BTB Who Wants to Be Healthy In This Sick World? (Boltfish)
JODI CAVE For Myria (12k)
DEEPSPACE The Barometric Sea (Deepspace)
DEEPSPACE Slow Moving Lifeforms Volume 1 (Deepspace)
ECHOSPACE The Coldest Season (Modern Love)
FIVE ELEMENTS MUSIC VarunaGhat (Mystery Sea)
NELSON FOLTZ / TOM LYNN Still Life Volume Three (Stillsounds)
K. LEIMER The Useless Lesson (Palace Of Lights)
MOLJEBKA PVLSE Driftsond (Gears of Sand)
MOSKITOO Drape (12k)
NINTH DESERT Zone (Mystery Sea)
PJUSK Sart (12k)
PRESTON Aespatia (Boltfish)
RED NEEDLED SEA Old River Blues (Triple Bath)
SAWAKO Madoromi (Anticipate)
SIGNAL Robotron (Raster-Noton)
SIMULACRA Eidolon (Triple Bath)
GREGORY TAYLOR Amalgam: Aluminum/Hydrogen (Palace Of Lights)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Ikude (Shima Records)

Hmm, I was kind of hoping this would happen (e/i continuing in some form).

Any official plans to continue e/i at least as an outlet for these Audio Verite type updates?  If so, where should promo CDs be sent?  Still to Darren?

Good question, Mike. As you know, Darren had indicated he wanted to close the operation down. However, Mr Bergstein did want contributors to finish off reviewing all extant promo material they were sitting on, which in my case was fairly extensive (lumpy seat scenario). I still have a bunch of releases on u-cover to finish off, and since these sneaky Belgian dudes insist on tossing out CDs on various sub-labels and series like you or I take a pee, I may never actually finish catching up ;)
Seriously, though, I may be doing the main bulk of the reviewing/writing (along with another guy called Max Schafer, about whose movements I know next to nothing), but it's still down to Darren to post up what's submitted to him - which occurs every now and then. Since I don't curate/edit the site, I think it's best you contact DB privately and ask him what to do about Hypnos promos, as there's a bit of a backlog developing/about to develop from what I can see looking at your recent/prospective release schedule, and the last one covered was, I think, Austere "Pulse", which was some time ago now.

I enjoyed the Echospace review... I really need to pick up some more of the Deepchord/Echospace stuff one of these days.   

Well, it's a lot easier to pick their stuff up now they've deigned to release the odd CD. Most of the Deepchord back catalogue has been on vinyl, but for the Echospace project they've made an assemblage of tracks from a series of 12-inches to create this album.

They did something similar with Deepchord stuff from '99-'04 when Silentes put out Modell's "Vibrasound" assemblage and the "Illuminati Audio Science" mix disc in 2004.


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