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Breaking Bad


Anyone gearing up for the finale this evening? I might not be able to watch it until Mon or Tues; going to be hard to stay away from discussions of it until then.

Anodize DB:
The finale was about as 'perfect' (or should I say ideal?) as it could be, a brilliant end to a brilliant series. I'm not a big TV watcher, but so many friends & colleagues had bragged about how superb the show was, I picked up all the DVD box sets last month & binge-watched until I caught up. Like the series' central product, the show itself is addictive, hypnotic, and mesmerizing (or was :) ). Five seasons of "whoa!"

Julio Di Benedetto:
For me the best was his last conversation with Skyler.....the truth of why he really did it and how he felt.  Perhaps Walters first real truth considering his life had to be lead as a lie.

Finally got a chance to watch it late last night. I agree--it was a fantastic finale. The entire series is simply outstanding. And the conversation with Skylar couldn't have been scripted better.


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