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About a year ago I was searching for a sampler that had good interpolation. I like to sample one string sound and then play chords with it. I don't like to multisample! I was thinking of one of those Roland hardware samplers that came out right before computers took over. I can't remember the name but it basically stretched a sample across the keyboard. After I looked at those a bit closer they're basically door stops. Recently I stumbled across a vst sampler called Shortcircuit. They must not have made any money of it as it's available for free. I think this is one of the most musical samplers I've ever come across. I'm not sure what process they use but samples smoothly transition across the keyboard. Plus, they have some very nice modulation options including step sequencers for LFO's. The filters are great also.

Worth looking into but be aware some newer programs won't play it. I'm running it in XP on Ableton and it's very stable. You have to downsample to 16 bit before it will see your samples. Took me a few days to figure that part out!


Maybe you were thinking of the Roland VP-9000?

That softsynth sampler sounds interesting but being a Mac guy I'll never know. 16 bits seems a few bits low if you as me.  ;D

Seren: used on The Martian Chronicles..... :D

Hi Saul,
Yes Shortcircuit is a great sampler, I've used it a fair bit. Version 2 seems unfinished / abandon-ware though.
Great example of a perfectly functional and musical program with a really drab (but functional) GUI, to contrast with all these beautiful shiny GUI driven things which are the norm these days :)

I couldn't get version2 to work at all but version one sounds great. I would really enjoy having that Roland sampler for a week.  At what point did that become VINTAGE?


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