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Roedelius live August 22, 2013


Roedelius on Vimeo

Julio Di Benedetto:
Amazing many sonic ideas expressed within just nine minutes.  I known the man and his place in electronic music history but I dont know his music so well.  After listening to this I need to change that.  Also fantastic installation of objects, art, photos and dried flowers. 

Thanks for the post Anthony

Good to hear it, Julio. I too thought it was a wonderful (flawless) performance.
Be great to hear this on an album, with some similar works.
It is more atmospheric/soundscape than what I know of his prior work.
His early Jardin Au Fou has always been a favourite album of mine.

Roedelius has also done some nice experimental work with Tim Story and with Story and Dwight Ashley under the name, "A.R.S."  Roedelius and Story's "Inlandish" is an especially nice one--pleasant but with a bit of an edge.


Julio Di Benedetto:
I came across Inlandish today at Boomkat while searching for Roedelius music today.....good description Forrest, edgy is the word but in a good way.  I look forward to the release of this actual music some time
in the near future as I understand it this was a piece from the upcoming recording "Ubi Bene"


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