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Robert Davies :: Forgotten Harbors (2013)



ROBERT DAVIES :: Forgotten Harbors

Over numerous well-received releases Robert Davies has carved out a distinct and respected niche for himself within the broad realm of contemporary ambient music. Like an archaeologist seeking a singular artifact or a philosopher contemplating one great idea, Davies is an artist on a mission. His music delves into an almost mystical encounter with very particular, secluded and intimate recesses of nature. Deeply involved and seriously consistent, Forgotten Harbors continues the exploration. This time journeying into more coastal landscapes, but always without cliche, and with the deft delicacy and sense of disembodied drifting that we have come to expect. It is an album that will delight fans of detailed and well-crafted pastoral ambient.

The album is available as a physical release or as a download.
There is a full set of samples at the link below.

Robert Davies - Forgotten Harbors @ DataObscura
Please do have a listen.




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