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Lammergeyer :: Between the Lines (2013)

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LAMMERGEYER :: Between the Lines

Lammergeyer returns with a precious collection of what could be called minatures.
Eighteen tracks of inventive and often visceral ambient electronica that varies from
achingly beautiful to enigmatically intimate and experimental. Expect both a delicacy
and lyricism, plus an underlying sensibility that gives to the tracks the sense of
listening to a single undulating storyline.

The album is available as a physical release or as a download.

There is a full set of samples at the link below, please do have a listen.

Lammergeyer - Between the Lines @ DataObscura

Many thanks.


The opening track from Between The Lines

Joe R:
I have this, and it's a beauty! Sweetly sad and wistful, like all Lammergeyer releases, but with a bit more variety in mood and music, in my opinion.

Many thanks for the comments, Joe !

To hear a bit more of the variety, there are two complete short tracks playable on the DataObscura main page:

Thought Fox is a really good track.


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