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I would like to ask a favor of all my friends here on Hypnos. I recently had the great pleasure of composing the music to a video on the art of Trang Le. Her painting 111,978 is an incredible and important work on the Iraq war. The rest of her body of work is just as amazing. Right now she has an article up on kcet.org, the website for a local TV station here in LA. The article on her is in competition with another article on local DJ culture which if you ask me is not really a fair fight. Basically one solitary artist (sound familar? Just like most of us here) against a group of DJs and the young hip crowd who are very savvy with social media, basically a whole community. If she wins the competition the prize will be KCET TV will make a documentary on her and her art. So I am asking all of my friends to vote for her. You can vote once per day per location. So your home computer, your work computer, your local coffee shop, even the browser on your smart phone, they will all count as separate votes. Please as a favor to me and for her seriously consider voting. The vote is very close right now, even voting once might put her over the top, here's the link where to vote, you can also read the article on her from here:


Also, here's the video I scored about her artwork:


Thank you for your consideration.

Loren, I really like the painting, and also your music. I voted -- will try to remember to do so again. Feel free to nag us all to remember to vote again later!

Thanks for voting and thanks for the compliment about the music. It looks like they go by different ip addresses, so you can vote multiple times from different locations. So if you have computer access at work you can cast a vote there  and then go home and vote again. Just wanted to make that clear. Thanks again for everyone who has voted already, it is still very close and every vote makes a big difference.

I tried voting from a second computer here at work but the web site said "Sorry, we've already received your vote" so the computers here must present the same public IP address.

Vote cast--and will do so from home and office tomorrow.

I agree with Mike: Both the music and the art were great.


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