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Ambient 31 (Cassette Tape Mix final 2013)

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--- Quote from: ffcal on November 26, 2013, 10:32:28 AM ---Hi Immersion,

I meant to tell you that I gave your track with the lower volume mix a listen (burned it onto CDR and listened to it through my stereo system).  Some nice textures...I like your sounds at the high end, but the mix as a whole seems to lack a midrange (maybe you overcompensated the EQ by trying to avoid a muddy midrange??).  I would also dial back the reverb tail on the high end--it seems to smear a bit and there could be a little space there, so that the reverb setting could come through better.


--- End quote ---

Thanks for taking the time to listen.  Regarding EQ, I did use the SSL EQ to cut of the lowest rumble frequencies, I did add extra treble in the virtual tube amp, to get more "presence" and sparkle in the higher end but also generation nice tube saturation.
Regarding the mid range, I am aware that a lot of the sound did get lost in the sound bed when all instruments are in the can hear it more clear in the beginning ,  I might rework the recording later on.

Regarding the reverb setting,  I think I know what you mean.  I hear it too when you say about the high end being smeared..the metallic sounds get weaker transients...but To be honest I am sure if that is due the tape emulation plugin..cause I remember it did soften the transients,  I actually liked it without the tape emulation in the soft parts in the beginning..

I did use a tape saturation plugin in the end of the chain, this did make it sound more lo fi, and it more soft..cause I am aimed for a more old school sound not so modern and clean. 

 it is safe to say I did not aim for perfection just atmosphere, I wanted a more vintage sound inspired from Asianova and Ure Thrall.
I will try to make more clean ambient recording soon, with a more modern sound.  But always nice to get feedback I am always looking to improve my sound... as you might know I am also a building a studio..which will give me new possibility I am only working in the box right now.  I am always struggling with cpu limitation right now, and it is the fact that my cpu always is maxed that makes me less motivated to make more music, just when it start to sound good your cpu gets maxed, often I have to record synths without any effects or anything..I prefer to hear the final sound in real time.. ideally I would like to run a lot more at the same time then control them with midi... I do not like to freeze tracks  but in this case I had too.

I also want more instrument and sound sources, I would like a lap steel guitar, also I would like some Tibetan Bowls...
But my money have to be used a lot of things..but I hope in future... I would also like a midi controlled Theremin.
For ambient I think it would be a nice instrument.


--- Quote from: Castleview on November 26, 2013, 12:53:51 PM ---I'd honestly love to hear a full-length album made by Immersion.

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thank you :)
I let you know.

The download link did expire some weeks ago.. I did upload it again..

The link has been uploaded again to a more "permanent" storage which wont expire within 30 days.

Any collaboration offers is welcome.. to make this more asianova/ure thrall/voice of eye style..thank you..

Just giving this a quick listen at work - enjoying it. Will try to burn to CD and giver it more attention later.


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