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My Music Studio in Progress!!!

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My studio is still in progress, and it is not finished yet, and I guess it never willl cause of upgrades etc.
If you have any suggestions I am very interested, I am always looking for improvements .

but this is what I have so far.

Studio Monitors
Trident HG3

Monitor Controller
Dangerous Audio Source

Lynx Aurora

AES PCIe card

Effect Processor
Eventide H8000FW (it has been paid will be received next week)

Working Desk
Zaor Idesk19 (the racks in the pictures is not mine)

Monitor stands
Towersonic TS 2 c TB (custom made for my HG3s)

Kemper AMP for guitars and bass

Only the highest quality cables in the world in my studio, imported from US to get the original cables.

My custom made guitar

Beyerdynamics DT880 PRO
Beyerdynamics DT1350
AKG  K 240studio

I use a novation MK II 61 right now for soft synths.
I have bought Oberheim Xpander and Oberheim OB12.
While the Oberheim Xpander did sound amazing it did sound better then any other synth for certain type of sounds
, but it was just too much of a pain to program it, the knobs where useless.  With sound processing I can get a satisfactory sound without
a xpander... I would not mind analog synth in future though.. but it is no in the no 1 in my priority

Julio Di Benedetto:
Very sweet selection of equipment Immersion.

I did not know Trident made monitors but why not.  3 way is an excellent choice.  Lynx are great converts from what Ive read

Interesting that you went for the Dangerous controller and external AD/DA as opposed to an all in one box solution like Metric Halo or a Prism Orpheus.  I think you have gone the right way.  I use my Metric Halo ULN2 for DAW connectivity and their Pre amps and use external Lavry AD/DA conversion.

Mogami is the way to go!

Desk is very nice......low profile on the gear racks like a mastering desks.

I use an Eventide Eclipse so I have and idea of what your going to be hearing although with much more programming and sonic possibilities .

What pre amp will you use or mixing system?

Your signal chain is phenomenal, now all you need to do is acoustically treat your studio so that your beautiful gear can be heard accurately.

My Matrix 12 is very deep in programming and can be challenging mostly because of its age and depending on the day is a Matrix 9 or better a Matrix 11.  The voices can be switch off so its not that much of an issue when a voice chip is cranky.  The Matrix 12 / Xpander work best for me when I just dive in deep with no real sound in mind and start patching does help having used a modular synth before because programming The Matrix 12 / Xpander is modular minded under the hood.

Excited for you new sounding sonic explorations.....Look forward to hearing them.

Thanks for sharing this, Immersion. Sometimes reading about other people's gear purchases and setups satisfies my desire to buy and explore my own new gear!

Keep us posted. Pictures, too.

Nice looking stuff - just need to see the pictures of it all set up...... 8)


--- Quote from: mgriffin on November 11, 2013, 05:27:23 PM ---Thanks for sharing this, Immersion. Sometimes reading about other people's gear purchases and setups satisfies my desire to buy and explore my own new gear!

Keep us posted. Pictures, too.

--- End quote ---

Thanks, I definitely will!
I love gear...I love technology.. and the last years I have also saved up money which made it possible to realize my studio..

The most fundamental part that is missing in my studio now is a MIC pre amp and microphones.
But I would say a pre amp is the most important that now, so I can start to record guitars...

in future, I want to try to have as much from the company "BURL" as possible in my studio, cause BURL stuff is the best studio gear in the world right now.

Unfortunately they have no full size rack pre amp yet only a 500 series for there mothership. Right now I am looking at this one

It is a phoenix audio DRS 8 Pre amp. Soundpure did review this on very good results...
But I have a feeling BURL will release a mic pre amp soon..a new one... 


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