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My Music Studio in Progress!!!

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--- Quote from: Julio Di Benedetto on November 11, 2013, 06:31:45 AM ---Very sweet selection of equipment Immersion.

I did not know Trident made monitors but why not.  3 way is an excellent choice.  Lynx are great converts from what Ive read

Interesting that you went for the Dangerous controller and external AD/DA as opposed to an all in one box solution like Metric Halo or a Prism Orpheus.  I think you have gone the right way.  I use my Metric Halo ULN2 for DAW connectivity and their Pre amps and use external Lavry AD/DA conversion.

Mogami is the way to go!

Desk is very nice......low profile on the gear racks like a mastering desks.

I use an Eventide Eclipse so I have and idea of what your going to be hearing although with much more programming and sonic possibilities .

What pre amp will you use or mixing system?

Your signal chain is phenomenal, now all you need to do is acoustically treat your studio so that your beautiful gear can be heard accurately.

My Matrix 12 is very deep in programming and can be challenging mostly because of its age and depending on the day is a Matrix 9 or better a Matrix 11.  The voices can be switch off so its not that much of an issue when a voice chip is cranky.  The Matrix 12 / Xpander work best for me when I just dive in deep with no real sound in mind and start patching does help having used a modular synth before because programming The Matrix 12 / Xpander is modular minded under the hood.

Excited for you new sounding sonic explorations.....Look forward to hearing them.

--- End quote ---

This is the first monitor by TRIDENT,  it is a very good value monitor since it compare with monitors with twice of the price or more.
Yes I doubt after you have ha a 3-way design monitor you will ever go back to a traditional makes huge difference...
There is also a seprate amp for each element 3 amps in every monitor which makes the seperation of the sound even more clean.
The treble is crazy sensitive, and transients is extremely fast,  which make sound details very apprenent, they sound very big and wide too... and balanced...I am happy with my buy.

the Dangerous audio is a good value, they use a  Burr Brown which is supposed to be very good.  We will see in future, I might replace it with something from BURL...But I still find it very good monitor controller for critical listening.. it is made to not color the sound just represent it without color and 100% true..  The monitor controller is important part of the has the ability to make your monitors sound like completely new but they should not color the any shape or form.  I was not aware the PRISM had built in pre amp and monitor controller ..I guess it make a good still yet a rather expensive device..  Dangerous source is not that expensive, yet it has the dangerous audio sound quality without compromise. It does even sound better then their bigger brothers because it has a newer burr brown DAC.

Regarding Mogami, a lot of people seem to think cables does not matter, but I have been reading so many people saying that here a very big change..
if I spend so much other money on other equipment I will not let the cables come in the way.

Thank you the desk is made in Italy.  I am very happy with it, it is also comfortable to have the feet on the foot of the table...
There is a bigger model of this desk where you have more racks, but I think they will shadow the sweet spot of the monitors I do not want to be too high on the desk... I want to have it all quite low..

With a lot of research regarding eclipse, even though the algoritims in many cases are the same as in H8000FW most people on forums claim that it does not come near in sonic audio quality, and I have heard eclipse myself, it sound quite like a cheap version of H8000FW for regarding effects I did decide to not take the shortcut... I have been wanting to have this machine for a long time and I know I will got a lot of use of it.  I can do a lot of effects like these in the computer but eats up my computer it will be nice to have this unit to relieve the CPU, to relieve CPU is also a main reason why I want to buy more hardware racks... I have found that all effects or sounds/sytnhs that sounds of good quality eats a lot of cpu, lexicon PCM native is the only plugin I have that sound good and expensive without totally eating up the CPU.

As I did write about regarding pre amp Phoneix DRS-8 MKII... unless BURL is realing a rack pre amp soon...

LYNX Aurora is a good and classic converted that has been in top studios for many years, I got it very cheap, if I sell it I can get more then what I paid for it wihtout doubt , so yeah.. there is only a matter of time before I will upgrade it to something better... again maybe something from BURL audio, their B2 bomber converters are said to be best right now.

regarding Oberheim,  if you drive a soft synths thru a analog chain, or virital analog chain for me this synt can sound 100% analog,  you need quite extensive sound chain to manipulate the audio to make it sound expensive and analog for real..I crash my cpu constantly doing this. But most people just use a simple reverb or something on their synths then the difference between soft synth and a real oberheim will be very big of course.  But there is soo much plugs right now to analogize and saturate the signal, I use tube amp simulation, tape etc, especially tube amps can add very interesting "analog" harmonics which you do not find in a soft synth.  One other trick I use is to maximize transients in the sound, this make it sound more analog too, all use a lot of processing power of course that is why it is better to invest in hardware equipment.

my H8000FW did arrive today. It will take some time before I can actually use it though, I need to buy a pre amp and some more mogami cables before I can do so, this unit is even more expensive in EU then in USA, so I am completely broke now for some time.  This will maybe give me some time to study the manual,...from what I have been reading..there is some learning curve... but I guess it all depend on my pre-experience... I do not I aim to use the Firewall connection at all. I will use digital AES ports.



Nice gear.


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