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New Mac PRO (Apple has now abandon the pro market)

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El culto:
Mike, donīt forget that people usually eat what they get served in the Apple universe and mainly applaud in chorus….at the end i can see in anything something positive even itīs a step backwards.

Example: I was replacing my Macbook Pro (2011) which have 2 HDīs inside (DVD replaced by a caddy for a second HD) as i need more storage. Now with all the new 15īseries this isnīt anymore possible as they decide to make the book smaller for "fashion" reasons…moreover now you have to decide right now (when purchasing a new model) for a SSD size…there is NO chance to replace it later by something else yourself….thatīs just a stupid and devil behavior.

Same for the Retina display…itīs a joke to force people to go for this nonsense resolution where you canīt recognize anymore things without a magnifier (especially for music programs).

Luckily i bought on the last minutes a previous model (i7, 2.6 Ghz) before the stupid announcement-conference started.


Well, I'm trying to resist my "Apple fanboy" impulse to applaud anything and everything Apple serves up. I do enjoy my Apple hardware, and generally believe in the company in a way that doesn't hold true for other tech companies.

I agree with you that some of these decisions worry me. I feel funny about investing $4,000 in a Mac Pro and never being able to add internal storage or even extra RAM. It's different for a cheaper, simpler piece of hardware. For example, I just receive a base-level Macbook Air at work today, and I understand why size & weight considerations lead Apple to connect the RAM and solid state storage permanently to the motherboard. Yes, I would rather have the option of adding storage later, but I understand why it's difficult with such an extremely compact piece of hardware. This thing really has more in common with my iPad in size than any laptop I've used before, and I think the Air line will evolve more and more into a cousin of the iPad line.

But there should be an option for people who want more options for modification, expansion. Sometimes we buy a piece of hardware today, and don't realize until a year or two later that we want to edit video, or create 3D animations. I think very expensive hardware like this should be expandable internally, even if they are trying to shift emphasis to external connectivity.

I'm kind of unsure how to feel. I still have my old Mac Pro and the thought crossed my mind to try to change the video card and max out the RAM to 32GB and see how much longer it can last!

Also I still have my larger 17" Macbook Pro (also modified with two internal hard drives, as you mentioned) and hate the idea that if I purchased a new Macbook Pro I would not have the option of adding a second internal hard drive.

Working in a Windows and Unix based corporate environment, though, I don't have any illusions about the other options available. There is really nobody else offering solutions that would work for me. I know how to use Windows, all versions, but I don't want to have to use it at home as long as there's a version of Mac hardware that will do the job I need to accomplish.

El culto:

Another option: You may find one of the latest previous Mac Pro which can add a lot of RAM too - but probably (like for all 2nd Hand Macs) you will have to pay still a steep price.

I noticed that Apple's refurbished store is completely sold out of the "cheese grater" Mac Pro models. I think many people have made the same conclusion we're discussing here, which is that it might be better to grab one of the prior models and upgrade it, rather than jump to the new "trash can" Mac Pro.

I've been very surprised to see how well these retain their value. I saw people selling the same 1,1 Mac Pro that I have, with less RAM and less hard drive capacity, for surprising amounts of money. It's made me consider just selling this to someone who doesn't mind being "stuck" with Lion. It would still be a very productive audio recording/editing workstation for somebody.

I've also considered upgrading to a newer, better video card (display performance is really the only weakness of this machine -- when I try to watch HD video in full screen, it's choppy -- though it would probably be OK with a display lower than 2560x1600 res) and trying to make this machine last a little longer.

El culto:
Was curious and checked the German refurbished shop some minutes ago…same here - nothing at all and i do remember very well at last 5-10 Mac Proīs on stock when i looked for the Macbook i mentioned earlier…thatīs really surprising and probably for the reason you mentioned.

Had also a look on Ebay and (at last here) there are some few sellers still having the previous model. Really curious if Apple is making business with the new model! Maybe they do the same U-turn like Microsoft did with XP  ;D



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