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Ableton Live 9 and Max for Live

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Most of my software, I don't upgrade every time a new version is offered. Usually I'll buy maybe every 2nd or 3rd upgrade, either because the new version offers something special, or because the old version seems not to work so well any more.

I think it's about time for me to upgrade to Ableton Live 9. In the past, I've always bought the "Standard" version of Live, not the "Suite" version with all the extra instruments and samples, but this time I'm thinking of upgrading all the way to Live 9 Suite. The inclusion of Max for Live is interesting to me. I feel like it's something I might use for crafting my own effects and pseudo-instruments.

Anybody out there using a recent enough version of Ableton Live to have an opinion on this? Anyone using Max for Live?

For a few years, I've had an Akai APC20 controller that I almost sold, because it was ridiculously hard to set up with earlier versions of Live. I just tried it with the demo version of 9, and the software recognized it and self-configured the interface, no problem at all. That alone is reason enough for me to want to upgrade. I love the idea of having external hardware with buttons, knobs and sliders to control Live, rather than trying to do everything with a mouse.

This is the thing I'm talking about:

Anyway, at the very least I'll upgrade to Live Standard, and I'm kind of leaning toward getting Studio. Just hoping someone will have some experience with this and let me know whether they think it's worth it.

I have not been using ableton live since 2009, I did move over to reaper.. which is use the cpu better and gives better sound quality.
the latest Sonar X3 seem to be very inspired form Ableton it have the session view...which is the only thing why people use ableton.
This is something I kind of miss in Reaper. But with a maxed cpu I must prioritize performance.

well you are right, making ambient with the mouse is not real ambient from heart, atleast it does not feel that way for me, I have no interest to morph in afterwards besides mixing but I want to morph the audio in real time. Otherwise it feels pointless for me.

If you do not use the session view, I would recommend trying Reaper.

El culto:

--- Quote from: Immersion link ---.. which is use the cpu better and gives better sound quality.
--- End quote ---

I would really like to know what are the reasons you claim that Reaper has better sound quality? Any proofs for that?

--- Quote from: Immersion ---"the latest Sonar X3 seem to be very inspired form Ableton it have the session view...which is the only thing why people use ableton.
--- End quote ---

It seems you have a strong and especially personal (!) idea about why people are using Live! I´m sorry to say, but your judgement does´t work for me at last  ;D


well it is quite widely known, atleast before but I guess I should take it back cause in all honesty I have not been keeping up with the last versions.
I used ableton live in 2009 I am not sure what version was out then, 7 ?
people in different forums did complan about the sound might be better now though..

Ok but  a lot of people use it only for session view I can promise you that..
Cause it was one of things that no other DAW had really...
now it looks like the X3 have something similar though. I am sorry If I am negative I am just not
a big fan of ableton anymore.  Why are you using ableton ? 

El culto:
Mike, i have updated to 9 from Version 6 and i´m happy i did!

I haven´t spend time with Max but it looks promising….but for all the other changes they made it´s a HUGE improvement! I love the new browser, as it is much more clearer and easy to navigate through. Also the cpu usage hasn´t changed on all on my computer - and that´s a big plus when having 3 versions between!

I played a bit with the audio to midi option and it works really well! Tried as a test some schumann piano pieces to see how good the algorithm works - the results were more than acceptable! Just some duration mistakes but otherwise almost 1:1 and that is really amazing! Couldn´t done better by Melodyne!!!

Ordered also the Push controller…and that is really a killer!!! The integration is almost perfect and VERY easy to navigate through racks and patches…the only criticism i have is that right now the integration works only for Ableton plugs smoothly…for 3rd party vst/vsti you have to build a rack first….but i´m pretty sure this will be fixed with a next update! Forget about any other 3rd party controller - Push blow all away (and the best, it´s manufactured by AKAI).

Will update here, after going more into all the adds!



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