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Broken Harbour learns to use Logic 9

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| broken harbour |:
Hi All,

I was big into Sonar for many years, but I bought Logic 9 a few weeks back, and have just started to use it.  Since most of you here use a variant of Logic (I think) and since my used copy came with almost no documentation, I'm going to ask some dumb questions and hopefully get some easy answers.  I've tried some google searches but with something as complicated as Logic, it's often difficult to get a straight concise answer to a question like "how do I.....?"

Here goes...

Dumb Question #1:
How do I do envelopes?  Say I want to fade something in/out or play with panning?  I can't seem to find the "envelopes" button or command.

Dumb Question #2:
How do I get a multitrack soft synth to output multitrack?
This sounds silly right?  Well I'm using Omnisphere, and I split the keyboard down the middle to play 2 different sounds at the same time, and then I can route it's internal bus's to separate outputs internally on the instrument, so 'Sound 1' outputs to 'Out A', 'Sound 2' outputs to 'Out B', etc...  but it keeps just outputting to a single track in Logic.  Doing this was totally simple in Sonar 8, but in Logic 9... uh.... I can't figure it out.  I selected 'MultiTimbral Instrument' and it creates 8 stereo tracks for the 8 possible Outputs in Omnisphere, but they won't 'route' to the correct tracks.

Thanks for the help!

have you tried youtube... ?
a lot of guides of the basics there.

Julio Di Benedetto:
Go to the far right corner of the arrange window in logic 9 and you will see  a snap box, a drag box and then 2 smaller square box with icons....ususally defaults to arrows.  click on say the right box and the menu should open up..  look to the bottom of the menu for "Automation curve tool" this is the envelopes you speak of and will create fades between audio.  This does a good job of seamless merging.

In the left side of the arrange window highlight the audio track and by default you should see and elongated tab that says volume. click on it and it will open a menu which gives options one of which is pan that will behave similar to the volume automation. Clicking to the top of the audio GUI will pan left and clicking towards the bottom will pan right.  In the view tab be sure that track automation is activated.  Once you do it it is simple just a like squirrel like and hide at the beginning.....hope this helps

| broken harbour |:
Thanks Julio, I finally figured out how to get multi-out on some soft synths which seemed a little overly complex but... now I know.

I have next week off of work, and I've booked a bunch of studio time, hopefully one of my 17 upcoming projects I committed to will get started...  ;D


--- Quote from: | broken harbour | on December 20, 2013, 08:15:11 AM ---hopefully one of my 17 upcoming projects I committed to will get started...
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Have fun, and best of luck!


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